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Young Skål is a division of the Skål International organization, specially created for students and young professionals in the field of tourism. 


The mission of Young Skål is to recruit for the Skål project all those who work in the area of selling and promoting touristic services. The main objective is to integrate and familiarize these people with the core values of the Skål International organization: Friendship, Peace, Unity and Promotion of the common interests in the field of tourism, both locally and internationally. When a Young Skål member gets to a management position in the touristic industry, he/ she will continue to support and encourage the Skål project, thus becoming a leader who can proactively change his/ her working environment.


Young Skål is destined to all young professionals aged between 20 and 29, who study or work in tourism for at least two years.

  • Young Skål Student: They must be a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 27 years of age

  • Young Skål Professional: They must be a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 29 years of age

  • Young Skål Associate: after the age of 27, or working in the industry after the age of 29 who does not yet qualify for Active membership 


The main idea constituting Young Skål is to attract young professionals to the organization and to turn them into active Skal members, once they reach the necessary qualification. The continuity of the movement can be secured by constantly recruiting new members. The members of Young Skål have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities, both in the hospitality industry and in related fields, such as culture, sports or PR. They will therefore have the possibilty of meeting Skål members and interact with them, voluntarily contributing to the general success of the organization. The young participants enjoy the support of the local Skål Club for social activities and for increasing professional experience, having at the same time the opportunity of connecting to an international network of professionals in the field.

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